A story between a lake and mountains, a family history.

At the beginning of the 19th century, Alpe Cavallaccio was an expanse of pastures and woods. Here, in 1880 the major cabin was built for use as a stable and the minor cabin for the shelter of the shepherds.  

After the Second World War, they were abandoned and bought by Engineer Locatelli, who made it a support for the quarry of pink granite from the lying stones. In the 1960s a group of Baveno fishermen, including Milani brothers and their friends Facchinetti and Minoletti, built a small lake dedicated to sport fishing.

People living in the area remember it as a place of leisure where they could spend their Sundays with their family.

In 1968 the lake was abandoned and became a pond. Many children of yesterday remember it as “the frog pond”. In the 1980s the cabin was left in use as a tool shed in the quarry to the surveyor Galli, who, with the help of Gianfranco Piralla, continued the activity of extracting the granite.

In 1996 Claudio Milani, affectively linked to this place, bought the two ruins with the land. In 2009 the renovations began based on the idea of his son, Andrea Milani, inspired by ideas of ethical construction and conservation.

The privilege of privacy. Alpe Cavallaccio has a distinctive, simple and elegant character, perfect for those looking for exclusive discretion and tranquility. Here emotions meet their space. Local craftsmanship and regional design meet and merge together. Handmade is at home here.

Nature is a strong and enveloping call. All the spaces have been designed for those who love to approach a natural dimension with a spirit of adventure who loves to contemplate the truth.