For You


Wood therapy

This is an invitation to recharge and let go. Take the Nordic Walking sticks and walk in the woods. About 100 hectares of pristine forest stretch out around you and each season offers different colors and views. Follow the panoramic circular path: listen to the song of Nature and breathe deeply.


Pic nic or candlelight dinner

A special evening. An anniversary. A birthday. Or simply you. There is always something to celebrate. In collaboration with La Rampolina, a special dinner will be set up on the pier, with a selected menu that speaks of the territory and its excellences.

Reservation required.


Natural Kneipp path

Take advantage of the benefits that Nature offers in a respectful way.

Feeling Nature with the less exploited senses such as touch and hearing. Take off your shoes, and immerse yourself in the Kneipp path designed for you. At home you will find a basket with everything you need for an unforgettable experience.