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Premia Hot Springs

phone n. +39.0324.617210
address: Frazione Cadarese, 46 28866 Premia, (VB)

PremiaTerme is a modern structure that was inaugurated in August 2008. The complex is located on 26,000 square meters of land and extends over 5,000 square meters, with healing and recreational spa facilities. The structure forms a space that opens out towards the south, with a large, outdoor, recreational and therapeutic pool.

The series of pools continues, connecting to the inside area, which is dedicated to various therapeutic functions.

Saunas, aerosol therapy, and water treatments complete the centre’s well-being facilities, bringing back the ancient Roman traditions that give body and soul a place in everyday life.

The waters from Premia’s stream flow at a temperature of 44°C and are classified as hyperthermal calcium sulphate. In the Thermal Baths, the temperature varies between 32°C and 36°C.