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Alpinia Gardens

phone n. 0039032330295
address: Giardino Botanico Alpinia, Via Alpinia, 22, 28838 Alpino, Stresa VB

This is the Alpinia Botanical Garden, a magic place where you can spend a peaceful day discovering a lot of flowers and finding a beautiful panoramic view of Lake Maggiore!

The Alpinia Botanical Garden is situated in Alpino, at 800 meters high over Stresa, it has a overlooking on Lake Maggiore: a real natural balcony, where you can relax and stay in touch with the nature.
This natural balcony has got a Belvedere’s house where you can sit on comfortable benches and taste the wonderful view.
In Alpinia Garden we have a circular path: if you start to the left side first, you passed from the forest and then to Belvedere’s, otherwise if you choose the right side you passed through the flowering garden and directly to the panoramic view.
During the path you can find a natural source comes from Mottarone’s peak summit (1,492 m), a really good refreshments on summer days.
This Garden has more than 700 plants, they are different species come from all over the world, in particularly alpine plants, but you can find Asian and American species. The Alpinia’s symbol is the Gentian, a little pretty purple-blue flower very rare and special.
Alpinia was founded in 1934 by Iginio Ambrosini and he transformed a simple grazing land in a botanical garden, a real paradise area.
At the beginning the area was about 12000 msq, nowadays we have 40000 msq and every single zone has a piece of story to tell you and to give you new emotions!